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Students and researchers are welcome to use the lab facilities given an agreement exists between the lab director and respective project leader AND proper arrangements and notifications are made well in advance (preferably a month before suggested starting date).  


  • To establish a contact with the lab and to book time, please contact Igor Drobyshev, the lab director, at  Igor.Drobyshev[at] .  Use our reservation system to book laboratory resources - this is a mandatory step if you plan to use the lab. Before you use the system - you should read this message. 

  • To enquire and book accomodation at the station, contact the station manager Raynald Julien at Raynald.Julien[at] , phone (819) 762-0971 ext. 2055 or cell number (819) 763-9103.

  • After finishing you work at the lab, we would request a lab user to fill the form B (available offline). The purpose of the form is to track the work done at the lab and, eventually, samples stored at the lab (see next paragraph).

  • We have very limited storage space at the station and we do encourage you, as a potential lab user, to take your samples with you when you leave. In cases, when temporal storate is an absolute necessity, we will try to find some extra space for you. Shall it be the case, we request you to use form B to indicate location of your samples stored in the lab. 

  • We would appreciate that in eventual publications you acknowledge the use of this laboratory, as a facitity associated with  Chaire industrielle CRSNG-UQAT-UQAM en aménagement forestier durable á

    Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue.





(c) Laboratoire de Dendroécologie á la Forêt d'enseignement et de recherche de lac Duparquet, Saturday, February 9, 2019