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At the lab we enjoy assess to the following equipment.



Binoculars and microscopes

  • Olympus BX41 and Olympus SX40

  • Olympus SZ61 and Olympus SZX12

Measuring stages

  • Velmex stages (3 units), equiped with Acu-Rite loggers

Light sources

  • Cold light sources NCL 150 and V-Lux 1000


  • a rotary Microtome LEICA RM 2245, for automatic tissue sectioning


  • Scanner Epson 10000XL  


  • Progress Duocet PMC-158 1919 mm Polilshing Machine (serie 700-12-051)

  • King Industrial polishing machine


Freezers and air over

  • FCM 200 TB WH Freezer

  • Isoterm freezer

  • air oven

Expected in the nearest future

  • industrial grade band saw




  • Scanner-based image analysis system, including WinDENDRO, WinFOLIA, WinRHIZO, and WinSTEM software
  • Image analysis system based on 6 MP digital camera (PixeLink Pl-A682) with WinCELL and WinSEEDLE software.
  • TsapWin software for tree ring measurement and analyses
  • FHX Fire History Analysis software
  • other specialized dendrochronological software







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